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Budgeting Software : Software for Budgeting

Bank Genie is designed to help you plan and manage your finances from month to month.

In this period of financial crisis, many are working to a very tight budget.

  • there is absolutely no room for error in calculating your outgoings
  • BEWARE Standing Orders or Direct Debits
  • be very careful if you have one or more of these regular payments near the end of the month/pay period.
  • dont forget that Standing Order which comes out of your account at quarterly intervals.
  • One error and you get an overdraft charge levied by your bank, making matters even worse

Dont rely on mental arithmetic to see you through!
Get Bank Genie!
You will pay for Bank Genie by avoiding just ONE bank charge!

By using Bank Genie you will:

  • be AHEAD of your on-line bank (Dont wait until they show up in your statement!)
  • avoid bank fees
  • enter all your income, standing orders, direct debits and other regular payment
  • generate these transactions in advance (one month, two months, 12 months)
  • keep an eye on the running totals up until your next pay day
  • have a chance to take action if account is seen to run the risk of going overdrawn
  • NOT get caught out by unexpected standing orders
  • be able to plan and take firm control of your finances


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