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User Guide - Applies to Bank Genie 4 and Bank Genie Pro 4
Last updated: 28th February 2018

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Getting Started

Setting Up


User Guide Options

Bank Accounts

Bank Groups


Category Groups


Manage Transactions

Standing Orders

Process Standing Orders

Online & Downloads

Transaction Analyser

Net Worth

P&L Years and Groups

P&L Reports


Password Protection

Database Protection

Quick Backups

Backups (with history)

Create a New Database

Open another database



Importing Data

Broken Transfers

Where is everything?



Common Controls

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About us

Product support

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Gardening Software




Index to User Guide




Getting started

A quick guided tour with screenshots to help you Get Started or to evaluate the software.



Section 1

Setting up and Personalising Bank Genie


Section 2

Working with your Bank Accounts


Section 3

Working with your Categories


Section 4

Working with your Tags


Section 5

Working with Transactions


Section 6

Standing Orders and Direct Debits


Section 7

Importing from on-line downloads from your Bank
The Import from On-line downloads Program - BS412



Section 8

Analysing your transactions

8.1 The Transaction Analyser program

Manipulate your data in a multitude of ways and output the results to Print Preview, Print, Text file or Excel



8.2 Net Worth
This section explains how to obtain an overall figure for your accounts in whichever currency you select (if you have multi currency accounts) and for any date you select.


Section 9



Section 10

Password Protection, Security Profiles and Passwords
No login is required when you start Bank Genie after installation.
By default, Password Protection is NOT active.
The vast majority of users do NOT activate Password Protection since they use Bank Genie for their own personal use, and no one else has access to their computer.
If you wish to a) secure your data or b) allow other users to share your data with restrictions, then you need to set Password Protection ON.

This section explains how to set up Password Protection, Security Profiles  and how to assign permissions to Security Profiles to control access to individual Bank Accounts.


Section 11

Database Protection


Section 12

Creating Backups


Section 13

Opening another database and Creating a NEW database
Bank Genie allows you to work with more than one database.
This section gathers the topics to explain the options - how to create them and how to use them.


Section 14

Restoring a database


Section 15

Database maintenance


  • Packing your database

Section 16

Importing data from another source
If you have been using another product for Managing your Money you may wish to import that data to Bank Genie.
This section explains how.


Section 17

Where is everything?
Program files and Data files are stored in different folders.
This section discusses where and how to find them


Section 18

Product Support
Program updates and more

Common Controls



FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


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